What is Dead Sexy All About?

Dead Sexy is an exclusive high quality Art Card series about Sexy Monster Girls hungry for your body created by Boo, who has worked in Cards and Comics for years. Dead Sexy will bring together professional Artists to illustrate Black and White cards with a dash of vibrant blood thirsty red in homage to those classic Horror comics of years gone by. DeadSexy explores the tempting desires of Zombie girls, Banshee's, Brides of Dracula and Frankenstien, Curvy Creatures from dark Lagoons and many more.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Some packs of DS2 left, Grab em before their gone

Some packs of DeadSexy2 PoolParty left so grab them before they are gone!!!
1 Hand drawn sketchcard and 1 stunning basecard
in every pack with 4 killer cool basecards to collect.
Halloween is the spooktaculer time to grab the hottest
zombie girls drawn on cards

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