What is Dead Sexy All About?

Dead Sexy is an exclusive high quality Art Card series about Sexy Monster Girls hungry for your body created by Boo, who has worked in Cards and Comics for years. Dead Sexy will bring together professional Artists to illustrate Black and White cards with a dash of vibrant blood thirsty red in homage to those classic Horror comics of years gone by. DeadSexy explores the tempting desires of Zombie girls, Banshee's, Brides of Dracula and Frankenstien, Curvy Creatures from dark Lagoons and many more.

Friday, 27 September 2013

DS2 this Halloween

DeadSexy2:Pool Party coming out this Halloween www.deadsexycards.blogspot.co.uk stunning hand drawn artcards by top talent international artists bringing you the sexyest zombie girls who are getting wet and wild. Packs will contain hand drawn original artcards featuring 2 alternate cardbacks, basecards, and a special offer giving customers official blank DS2 art sketch cards to add to their collection, draw on yourself or find an artist to draw on allowing your collection to grow. Official artists on the set will have a 3rd cardback they can do personal commissions on as well. COMING HALLOWEEN from Unpleasantdreams Cards

Come Halloween Paypal Buy It Now buttons will appear on the right hand side allowing everyone to purchase packs untill they are all sold out.
You can already see the full artist list on the right hand side of the site as well and drop your email into the follow us box to get futture updates direct to your mail.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DeadSexy2 Pool Party this Halloween

DeadSexy2 Cardback by George Webber
DeadSexy2 Pool Party is coming this Halloween and it's going to be Wet and Wild!!!
Every year DeadSexy comes out at halloween and brings you the hottest zombie girls you could dream of, every one of them hungry for your body and brains, but thats not the only thing which makes DS special, each card is drawn in classic Black and White with only greys and the bloodthirsty red being allowed.

DS1 was an instant sellout and cards were soon gobbled up on the aftermarket as well as artists selling their limited editon AE's (Artist Edition Cards).

This year DeadSexy2:Pool Party takes the action to the water and the girls are Wet, Wild and Hungry for you. Featuring 2 alternate cardbacks (by George Webber and Gary Kezele) for collectors to enjoy when they purchase packs and a 3rd cardback ONLY available via Artists AE's (as a commission from official artists on the set.)

Deadsexy2 Cardback by Gary Kezele
DeadSexy2 Artist Edition cardback by Luke Smarto
If 3 different cardbacks wasnt enough to wet your appitite for these zombie girls, the packs are Limited Edition of only 200 packs, and there will be DS2 Basecards AND the chance to get hold of blank DS2 cards for you to draw on yourself, keep blank for your collection or even get artists of your choice to work on them...but thats something youll have to organise if you get your hands on some of the blank cards.

DeadSexy2 Pool Party is coming this halloween and the cards are already looking mouthwatering. So stay tuned, get ready, and bring lots of tshirts for the wet tshirt contest :P


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bonus Mighty Zombie Cards!!!

With every 3 packs orderd you get an official Mighty Zombies Blank Sketchcard which you can add to your collection, draw on yourself or use to commission any artist you wish to add to your MightyZombies collection, how awesome is that.

This applies to all orders already made and any new orders. If you orderd a single or double pack and want to get your bonus official Mighty Zombies Blank Sketchcard just grab an extra pack now and it will be added to your order.

This is a wicked cool offer that has only become possible due to some last minute changes so straight away we wanted to give you more for your money because we love producing top quality limited edition cardsets with an original twist.

So 3 packs gets you 1 bonus card, 6 packs gets you 2 etc Great times

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mighty Zombies Out Now

Much loved classic super characters as well as artists own creations have turned zombie, and their hungry for your BrAiNs!!!

Each pack only costs £12 pounds with free shipping and inside you get 1 hand drawn original artist Sketch card created by one of our top card artists.
You can purchase packs by clicking the Paypal Buy Now button which will appear on the websites when the packs go on sale and you can keep buying packs untill the set is sold out.

Remember, this is a Limited Edition of only 200 Packs!!!

A full artist list of everyone involved along with a card count is already on the website down the right hand side so everyone can see who's involved in drawing these stunning cards, but be warned, once packs sell out, they are gone.

This set is for mature collectors only, all zombies are...well as you would want super powerd zombies to be and some of them are popping out of their costumes in the naughtyest ways.

This set also features two different cardbacks which the artists have drawn on.

EnJoY YoUr bRaInS