What is Dead Sexy All About?

Dead Sexy is an exclusive high quality Art Card series about Sexy Monster Girls hungry for your body created by Boo, who has worked in Cards and Comics for years. Dead Sexy will bring together professional Artists to illustrate Black and White cards with a dash of vibrant blood thirsty red in homage to those classic Horror comics of years gone by. DeadSexy explores the tempting desires of Zombie girls, Banshee's, Brides of Dracula and Frankenstien, Curvy Creatures from dark Lagoons and many more.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Commission cards

Just thought I would let you know that almost every Artist who worked on Dead Sexy has 5 blank AP cards ready for your personal commissions to be drawn on, I know many have begun selling theirs, Elfie popped one up on Ebay yesterday and it sold fast.
So if your looking for an extra peice of DeadSexy Zombiegirl fun, look up your fav artists and contact them about their DeadSexy blanks, see if they have any left and what their prices are.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Packs are In the Mail

All packs are now in the mail to everyone just as promised on Halloween when DeadSexy went on sale.
We are really proud of how awesome DeadSexy looks and we can not wait to hear 
how much you like them when they arrive through your letter box. 

Next Year you can look forward to Dead Sexy 2: Pool Party
feturing the hottest Zombie Girls getting Wet and Wild,
can you imagine how killer that will be, and still limited to
only 100 packs. Bikini's, Wet Tshirts and all the naughtyness
you could hope for.

But if YOU have ideas for what would make a killer DeadSexy Theme, let us know,
we want to hear because theres alot of dead girls out there who need you to love them and 
put them in your collection.
Also if you love particuler artists, let us know, we are always on the look out
for talent, but remember, drawing sexy girls is a must lol.


Thursday, 1 November 2012


It's a great pleasure to announce that DeadSexy is SOLD OUT
I had hoped that would happen but the fact it sold out in a single day through halloween itself 
is extra special.
When I began DeadSexy I knew it would look fantastic, The artists who came onboard are all too awesome for words, but I could only hope people would find these zombie girls as captivating 
as I did, and wow, you guys really did. Since the project began I kept getting really cool
things coming in from both men and women excited about getting hold of packs.
DeadSexy took on a life of it's own and thats thanks to Everyone of you who purchased packs and everyone who illustrated cards to be included in packs, you made it the success it is.

Who only wants one slice of tasty Cake though, so Next Year how about 
I hope your as excited as I am