What is Dead Sexy All About?

Dead Sexy is an exclusive high quality Art Card series about Sexy Monster Girls hungry for your body created by Boo, who has worked in Cards and Comics for years. Dead Sexy will bring together professional Artists to illustrate Black and White cards with a dash of vibrant blood thirsty red in homage to those classic Horror comics of years gone by. DeadSexy explores the tempting desires of Zombie girls, Banshee's, Brides of Dracula and Frankenstien, Curvy Creatures from dark Lagoons and many more.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Commission cards

Just thought I would let you know that almost every Artist who worked on Dead Sexy has 5 blank AP cards ready for your personal commissions to be drawn on, I know many have begun selling theirs, Elfie popped one up on Ebay yesterday and it sold fast.
So if your looking for an extra peice of DeadSexy Zombiegirl fun, look up your fav artists and contact them about their DeadSexy blanks, see if they have any left and what their prices are.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Packs are In the Mail

All packs are now in the mail to everyone just as promised on Halloween when DeadSexy went on sale.
We are really proud of how awesome DeadSexy looks and we can not wait to hear 
how much you like them when they arrive through your letter box. 

Next Year you can look forward to Dead Sexy 2: Pool Party
feturing the hottest Zombie Girls getting Wet and Wild,
can you imagine how killer that will be, and still limited to
only 100 packs. Bikini's, Wet Tshirts and all the naughtyness
you could hope for.

But if YOU have ideas for what would make a killer DeadSexy Theme, let us know,
we want to hear because theres alot of dead girls out there who need you to love them and 
put them in your collection.
Also if you love particuler artists, let us know, we are always on the look out
for talent, but remember, drawing sexy girls is a must lol.


Thursday, 1 November 2012


It's a great pleasure to announce that DeadSexy is SOLD OUT
I had hoped that would happen but the fact it sold out in a single day through halloween itself 
is extra special.
When I began DeadSexy I knew it would look fantastic, The artists who came onboard are all too awesome for words, but I could only hope people would find these zombie girls as captivating 
as I did, and wow, you guys really did. Since the project began I kept getting really cool
things coming in from both men and women excited about getting hold of packs.
DeadSexy took on a life of it's own and thats thanks to Everyone of you who purchased packs and everyone who illustrated cards to be included in packs, you made it the success it is.

Who only wants one slice of tasty Cake though, so Next Year how about 
I hope your as excited as I am


Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Dead Sexy: Hungry Dead Girls

Buy It Now button on the
right hand side of the DeadSexy Website

The Hottest Zombie Girls ever
hand drawn by wonderfully dark erotic artists from around the world.
You will enjoy
1 hand drawn ZombieGirl ArtCard and 1 double sided Postcard
Print per pack
(ArtCards signed by the Artist)

Each pack only costs £13
with FREE Post and Packing
To anywhere in the World.

 Right now, a Paypal button sits on the right hand side of the website allowing you to purchase as many packs as you like, but remember, there are only 100 packs Available in total, so once they are gone, that is the set sold out and your the lucky person who will have your very own DeadSexy Zombie Girls. 

Every time you purchase a pack you get a different hand drawn ZombieGirl Art card by one of
our awesome artists. You can see how many cards they have illustrated
for the packs on the right hand side of the website right now with the compleate Artist List

DeadSexy stands out from the other Creatures of the Night because
our girls are "dead hot" and hungry for your BrAiNs
along with other things they might nibble.

Once purchased, packs will start to be mailed from the 9th of November as Halloween
is a magical and spiritual time of year and celebration for me and my 
loved ones, plus November the 5th is Bonfire Night here in the ancient world of Britain
and my birthday falls on All Souls Night.

This is a unique oppertunity to leap inside the world of erotically powerful, nude and busty Zombie
Girls illustrated in a stylistically beutiful and bold black and white world tinged
with bloodthirsty RED.

Grab yourself some DeadSexy Hungry Girls

Sunday, 28 October 2012

sneak peeks

It's almost time for Dead Sexy to go on sale, but before it does, I thought I would share a couple more sneak peeks of whats inside the packs

Francois used his girlfreind to model for all his outstanting dead sexy cards.

Chadwicks girls come to life in each card due to his spectaculer pencils

And check out one of Vince's DeadSexy Zombie girls "getting a grip of the situation".

These packs are out of this world so make sure to come and get some :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DeadSexy On Sale Halloween

Coming this Halloween
Dead Sexy: Hungry Dead Girls

The Hottest Zombie Girls ever
hand drawn  by top artists from around the world.

1 hand drawn ZombieGirl Card and 1 double sided Postcard
Print per pack
(Cards signed by the Artist)

Each pack will only cost £13 with FREE Post and Packing
To anywhere in the World.

On Halloween, a Paypal button will appear on the right hand side of the website allowing you to purchase as many packs as you like, but remember, there are only 100 packs Available, so once they are gone, that is the set sold out. 
Every time you purchase a pack you get a different hand drawn ZombieGirl card by one of
our awesome artists. You can see how many cards they have illustrated
for the packs on the right hand side of the website right now.

Put your Email address in the Follow Us box and you will recive all updates about the set.

Friday, 12 October 2012


DeadSexy is almost here, as is Halloween and thats when you will be able to grab these
exclusive and rare packs full of the most sexy zombie girls you will ever find, hand drawn
by artists from around the world.
Each pack will contain an Original Hand Drawn
Artist Sketch card.
Random packs will contain a Postcard Print to 
make your mouth water because these Zombo's
dont just want your brains...

With every artist involved only drawing 5 exclusive Artcards
(with the exception of two of us putting extra cards into random
packs as an added Halloween Treat) There's no
Trick this All Sole's Night, only Hauntingly
Tempting Treats with every pack.
Dont forget though, with only 100 Packs
these Zombo Girls are extra special.
So you dont want to miss out.

Packs will go onsale on this website with easy to use PayPal
Buttons so you can buy in confidence

Get ready for the Hottest DeadGirls 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sneak Peeks

Check out two of the awesome cards going into packs of Dead Sexy
hand drawn by Dannielle Soloud

Remember, DeadSexy will be limited to only 100 packs
and each pack will contain a hand drawn Art Card by one of our fantastic artists.
You can see the artists involved on the right hand side of the website.

So make sure your here for Mid-October to grab some exclusive packs

Friday, 17 August 2012

DeadSexy is even Hotter

DeadSexy is coming this October from Marty & Boo's Cards and it's going to be Hauntingly Sexy with hand drawn zombie girls like you have never seen before and hungry for your flesh
Each pack will contain one garenteed hand drawn Sketch card by a top artist and one eye bursting postcard.
This set will be limited to only 100 packs, thats how exclusive it is and they will be available to buy via the website with Paypal.

 The cards in my hands for this set are droolworthy as our female and male artists really went to town drawing the most beutiful girls and then turning them into flesh hungry zombies.
If you want to stay informed on whats happening with the set and get more sneek peeks as well as updates on the sale date just stick your email in that little box on the top right and these dead girls will forward all the updates straight to your inbox.

Unpleasant Dreams

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DeadSexy SneakPeek Kristen Allen

One of the most talented and hottest Artists i know is the Foxy Kristen Allen, she has been busting killer moves on seductive females for years and now i can give you a sneak peek at one of her exclusive Dead Sexy cards which will be in packs this Halloween

Isnt she to die for, you wont find zombie girls like this in any other sketchcard set so get ready for Dead Sexy

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

SneakPeek time

If you were wondering what the set will look like and if our Dead Girls will be yummy enough, check out this fantastic card by George Webber, and this is the tame one, the other girls are Out of Control :)
Grab your shovels and dig up those DeadGirls lol
See;ing these cards come in has got me so excited about this Sexy Horror set coming out around Halloween. Each pack will have 2 sexy Basecards and 1 amazing hand drawn Sketch card by one of the freakishly Talented Artists you can see listed on the right hand side of the website.
If you never gave Black and White cards a try before, then this is your chance to truly experiance the magic of this pure, classic artform...WITH BOOBIES

EvEr hUnGrY

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Coming Halloween 2012

I can now confirm that Dead Sexy - Hungry Dead Girls will be going on sale Halloween 2012
Cards are being sent to the artists to work their magic on and I shall post a full artist list on the right hand side for everyone to check out and get excited about how incredibly awesome, dark and sexy this set is going to be.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Those darn DeadGirls...

Dead Sexy is gearing up, cards are going out to some of the awesome artists who worked on Nevermore Alice which was a smash success sellout for us and i'm convinced Dead Sexy is going to make you hungry for our Zombie Girls :P

Monday, 20 February 2012


Dead Sexy is up and running..or rather walking slowly and creepily in the shadows as you foolishly step through that crooked old door into the dimly lit room just as the power is about to go out!!!

This will be a fantastic, small and horror filled sexy pinup set in "Gory'us" Black and White and Red (hah see my clever joke, Gory instead of Glory...well i laughed...)

The great thing about Marty and Boo's cards is that we can handle bigger sets and then still take the time to produce our own special interest Art Sets with the same proffesstional and high standards you have already come to enjoy.
While Me and Marty get Nevermore Alice ready for sale in April 2012 (go visit the website right now, the link is on the right), he is also handling Island Dreams 2 which is a fantastic serise that raises much needed funds for Charity, and I'm doing Sexy Zombie Girls that want to bleed you dry.

Plus this set has a special meaning to me because if everything goes as planned it will be entirely printed in the UK. I'm a big beliver and supporter in british talent and if you can get something produced local to you it cuts down emmissions from travelling etc so thats a positive move forward I feel and simply enrichs the Art Collectors experiance....while their looking at their sexy dead zombie girls haha.

More info will be available about the Artists, how many sets, how much they will cost etc soon so put your email address into that box at the top right so all updates go straight to your mail, dont worry neither me nor anyone else gets to see them, it's all controlled by Robots, so as long as your not called Sarah Conner your entirely safe.