What is Dead Sexy All About?

Dead Sexy is an exclusive high quality Art Card series about Sexy Monster Girls hungry for your body created by Boo, who has worked in Cards and Comics for years. Dead Sexy will bring together professional Artists to illustrate Black and White cards with a dash of vibrant blood thirsty red in homage to those classic Horror comics of years gone by. DeadSexy explores the tempting desires of Zombie girls, Banshee's, Brides of Dracula and Frankenstien, Curvy Creatures from dark Lagoons and many more.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Dead Sexy is up and running..or rather walking slowly and creepily in the shadows as you foolishly step through that crooked old door into the dimly lit room just as the power is about to go out!!!

This will be a fantastic, small and horror filled sexy pinup set in "Gory'us" Black and White and Red (hah see my clever joke, Gory instead of Glory...well i laughed...)

The great thing about Marty and Boo's cards is that we can handle bigger sets and then still take the time to produce our own special interest Art Sets with the same proffesstional and high standards you have already come to enjoy.
While Me and Marty get Nevermore Alice ready for sale in April 2012 (go visit the website right now, the link is on the right), he is also handling Island Dreams 2 which is a fantastic serise that raises much needed funds for Charity, and I'm doing Sexy Zombie Girls that want to bleed you dry.

Plus this set has a special meaning to me because if everything goes as planned it will be entirely printed in the UK. I'm a big beliver and supporter in british talent and if you can get something produced local to you it cuts down emmissions from travelling etc so thats a positive move forward I feel and simply enrichs the Art Collectors experiance....while their looking at their sexy dead zombie girls haha.

More info will be available about the Artists, how many sets, how much they will cost etc soon so put your email address into that box at the top right so all updates go straight to your mail, dont worry neither me nor anyone else gets to see them, it's all controlled by Robots, so as long as your not called Sarah Conner your entirely safe.